washing the lawn

Nolan had a scare today. Sadly I was not home for it, but I wish I had been.

I came home from work, expecting to play the same game with my son as I do every time I come home from work. I would come home and slowly make my way to the living room, hoping to sneak up on him. Unless Logan hears me first and decides to make his way to me. Nolan usually warns me if Logan is coming. Sometimes he tries to distract our son long enough for me to jump behind the couch. Guess what I found? I found my women’s new balance running shoes and my husband’s reebok shoes for men Then it becomes a game of cat-and-mouse as I move around the couch without Logan spotting me. I hid behind the electric garage heater replacement that’s still in the box.

I enjoy this game. The look on Logan?s face once I am spotted. The squeal of delight as he attacked me with his slobbery kisses. I loved it even more that a nice sale on women’s watches, of course, or handbags.

However, that is not how it was today. I walked into the house to hear the new led television. That didn?t worry me. It wasn?t until Nolan came up to me slowly with a solemn look on his face, and I knew something was wrong. Apparently Nolan had to call an ambulance to our home for our tiny son.

Logan had crawled to Nolan, wheezing. According to Nolan, it sounded as if our son had something stuck in his throat. Then Logan began puking nonstop. Nolan did not know what to do, so he called the hospital, but when they got to our home, Logan was fine. The paramedics were unable to determine a cause for my son?s illness, but he was going to be fine.

I came home to find my little boy alive and well.

training courses for work

I’m in the middle of taking these training programs for QuickBooks. Yes yes of course, the software for bookkeeping.

There were the best QuickBooks training lessons you could want and I decided I should learn the program to earn more. I had already been working on the their training systems with Microsoft Excel but was told the training for QuickBooks also had a discount this month too.

What. Is. Love.

What is love? I always thought it was the racing in your heart or the butterflies in your stomach. A feeling so overwhelming that you wanted to buy a tattoo gun and some ink so you could write your name on your man.

Then again, I don’t have those feelings when it comes to my family, but I know I love them.

I know I love my boyfriend, Victor. We met at a Halloween party and hooked up at a friend?s birthday party under her video surveillance camera but that’s another story. We have been together for over two years. He is my first love as well as my first in another way.

Sadly I am not his first love, but I am his true love.

Victor is amazing. He is kind and gentle. A hard worker, which means he?ll be a great provider for the future.

My parents love him, which is a bonus. They were upset about his cobra and whistler radar detectors when he picked me up the first time but if I ever want to marry this guy, I would need their approval of course.

In class the other day, we had to write a free style poem. I am not very good at poetry. Out of all the creative writing I enjoy doing: short stories, novels, screenwriting, etc. poetry is my least favorite.

I decided to write about how I met my love, Victor and it came out like…

Searching Trip

I recently ordered one pair of New Balance sneakers along with a new electronic house heater. We are putting money aside to get a television and I really want a new wrist watch.